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Our Organization

​Mississippi M.O.V.E. started in 2004 as a coalition of community-based organizations in Mississippi that advocated for students, people below the age of 35, and communities of low and moderate-income families by working on voter registration, and education and other social issues.

Today, Mississippi MOVE the Vote is a nonpartisan organization which has the same objectives but is an independent organization which focuses on training and informing the community of important events, procedures, efforts and initiatives. 


​Mississippi M.O.V.E. will collaborate with other organizations in its effort to improve our communities and our leadership.

Our Mission

MS M.O.V.E. believes that our political system should meet the needs of all people. The government has a particular responsibility to protect and provide for those who are most vulnerable especially those in low-income communities.

Everyone, regardless of income, should have access to:

  • A decent, affordable place to live

  • A job that pays enough to support a family and/or access to education and training for such a job

  • Quality, affordable child care

  • A basic standard of Quality, affordable health care

  • Quality education for their children


Public officials should be held accountable to the needs of their constituencies. Our vision of economic justice and grassroots democracy is embedded in a larger vision of universal rights and opportunities.


We believe that all people have equal right to all of the social benefits and economic opportunities of our society.

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