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9/13: Mississippi MOVE partners with area organizations for Global Warming workshop at Tougaloo

Forest wildfire

Mississippi MOVE announces upcoming event, '"What is Global Warming & How it Affects You"', on November 13 at 4pm. This event is happening at Owens Health & Wellness Center @ Tougaloo College, rm 212 on November 13 at 4pm.

The event is an exciting opportunity for Mississippi MOVE, who is working in partnership with the Institute for the Advancement of Minority Health, Mississippi Rising Coalition, EEECHO and Tougaloo College Anyone who is wanting to learn about the global changes we witness, particularly weather, is actually impacting our very lives day to day should attend the event. The event is free to the public and volunteer & community service CE credits are available for attending. For more information, please contact 662-205-6683.

Mac Epps, Executive Director on behalf of Mississippi MOVE, said: "We'll be discussing and learning about how the many factors and variations within global warming, how our environment is impacted and how we can get involved. I am delighted the event will be at the campus of Tougaloo College, and am looking forward to seeing everyone experiencing what we have in store at 'What is Global Warming & How it Affects You"'.

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