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Join Us for "The Sleep-out To Help The Homeless" on November 21, 2023!

As we approach the season of gratitude, let's come together to make a real impact in our community. Mississippi MOVE & Phi Beta Sigma - Mu Sigma Chapter invite you to participate in our annual event, "The Sleep-out To Help The Homeless," taking place on November 21, 2023, starting at 5:00 PM at Pittman Park, 825 W. Capitol St., Jackson, MS 39203.

Why Participate?

This event serves as a powerful reminder of our blessings while shedding light on the challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness. By participating, you contribute to raising awareness about homelessness and trauma in our community.

Embodying Ujima: Collective Responsibility

"The Sleep-out" aligns with Mississippi MOVE's mission of community empowerment. Together, let's embody the spirit of ujima, collective responsibility, and work towards a positive impact on the lives of those facing homelessness.

How Can You Contribute?

Individuals, organizations, and businesses are all invited to participate! Whether you want to volunteer your time, make a donation, or register your organization, your involvement makes a difference. To Register:

1. Click "Going" on this event to show your support.

2. Click the "Requested Items List" button below for a list of requested donated items, or reach out to Mac Epps, Executive Director, at for more information, to donate in advance, or to sign up to volunteer.

Be a Part of Something Bigger!

This is an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and businesses to come together, embody ujima, and make a positive impact. Let's collectively contribute to a better, more compassionate community.

For More Information:

Spread the Word:

Share this event with your friends, family, and network! Together, let's create positive change and help make a difference in the lives of those in need.


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