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A Big Year for Elections  in Mississippi for 2024

About Our

​Mississippi M.O.V.E. started in 2004 as a coalition of community-based organizations in Mississippi that advocated for students, people below the age of 35, and communities of low and moderate-income families by working on voter registration, and education and other social issues.


Voter Registration 

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Disaster Relief


Homeless & Intransient
 Citizen Support

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Get Involved,
Rebuild Our Communities!


There are many initiatives and programs in the state of Mississippi that we partner with and lead, here are about a few want to let you know about...! If you're able, a donation towards these events goes a long way to keep them going! 


There's no way we could do any of our amazing work alone. If you're a student or just happened to be in the friendly neighborhood of a program or function we'd love to have you join us! Students can always get documented, registered community service hours for scholastic & social requirements and initiatives.

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