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11/3: Documented GOTV Volunteer Opportunities with Mississippi MOVE this weekend!

Mississippi MOVE has several pre-election opportunities for volunteering this weekend. We need energetic folks to assist handing out Get Out the Vote (GOTV) flyers, holding signs, taking pics and passing out literature. Of course, your presence will be documented for your records and sent to any location of your choosing for school/club requirements.

So here we go!

  1. Friday November 3, 2023, Pass out GOTV information at football games at 6pm in Jackson MS at Murrah High School & Raymond High School.

  2. Saturday November 4, 2023 at Legacy Village in Rolling Fork, MS at 12pm DJ UnDeeniablePerformance by Anissa " Big Sexy " Hampton, Free Food by B&B Barbecue

  3. Sunday November 5, 2023 Pass out GOTV information Park in Presidential Hills in Jackson MS at 3pm

  4. Monday November 6, 2023 Kickback & pass out GOTV information at Village Kitchen in Tougaloo MS at 4pm, Free wings while they last, DJ UnDeeniable in the mix, Live Performance by Anissa " Big Sexy " Hampton; Special appearance by 2x time Grammy

If any of these interest you, text your name (and names of folks you may be bringing!) the date and your estimated arrival to 662-205-6683, that's 662-205-MOVE!

winner Mr Bad Bad Bobby Rush


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